About Me

My family, has over the years, owned many pets. We had different breeds of dogs from an Irish Wolfhound to a Jack Russell and many cross-breeds in between! Also, we had rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises and birds.

As a result, my career was fated to revolve around animals. I have worked in a successful boarding establishment and also involved with a well known UK-wide animal charity.

Outside my working life, my passion for animals continues. I have been involved with obedience and agility training with my dog, often going to shows in my spare time.

My charity work included long term dog fostering and fostering pregnant cats and their kittens. Sometimes hand rearing the kittens. This hand rearing has extended to the odd wild bird or two, which were successfully released back to the wild.

I enjoy walking my dog on the South Downs, exploring new routes and strolling along the beach.

Why Choose Me

I have, over 30 years, provided excellent animal care service and have established long term repeat business with many clients and their pets. I have built up a vast knowledge of the unique requirements many breeds of cats and dogs demand, including the very young and elderly, which also have their special needs. I only ever exercise dogs from one client at a time. I take pride in ensuring the welfare of your pets is my top priority, to provide you peace of mind while they are in my care.

Many Different Animals

I am experienced in caring for dogs and cats of any age or size. I also have a parrot of my own and in the past had rabbits and Guinea pigs. I provided care for rescue dogs and cats for a national animal welfare organisation, fostering and hand-rearing kittens. I look after reptiles, such as Bearded Dragons and have tortoises that have been in the family for decades.

Pets on Medication

I am experienced in providing medication and administering insulin injections. I am a fully registered member of NARPS (National association of pet sitters and dog walkers) and am fully insured.

No Dog Too Difficult

With over three decades professionally looking after dogs I have built up a wealth of knowledge in how to safely handle the family pets who need that delicate touch or those that are a little more boisterous.